How does R Star sizes compare to other brands of gloves?

At R Star we have made full size gloves only, so our sizing is based on International FULL sizes. Therefore our gloves fit half a size difference. For example if you are 8.5 in another brand you would wear an 8 in R Star. Remember a good fit for gloves is quarter of an inch to half an inch space in the fingers (quarter inch preferred by most top level goalkeepers).

Can I pay by Check?

Yes, BUT your personal check MUST clear before we release the products to you. If you want to pay by check, you must send an email outlining your order to info@rstarsoccer.com . You do not need to go through the same process as paying with a credit card. Bank checks are accepted also.

Can I arrange to pick the products up?

Yes, if you are based in Houston and the timing is convenient for both parties (send us an email with your order if this is an option for you, you do not need to order through the online system). Although Shipping is the preferred method of delivery.

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