Product Care

How to Care for your R Star Goalkeeping Gloves

1 – Understand that gloves are Fragile:

Unfortunately the reality is (no matter how many retailers tell you otherwise) the more expensive the glove, the better the grip…..yea!!! BUT (keep reading) the less the glove lasts……Super Soft and other such sticky latex palms found in professional grade gloves offer extraordinary grip but not as much in the way of robustness. Top grade game gloves with a lot of grip will start showing signs of wear or even start shedding during the first use; this is not a product quality issue it is due to the softness of the latex. On the other side of the coin purchasing a glove with more durability will be at the expense of some grip. A glove designed for games will last on average 12 –14 games (again this is only an average) before they have to be relegated to the training field only. Some keepers get more than a season out of their gloves but that depends on many different variables: how well the keeper cares for the gloves, their diving technique, their technique to push themselves off the ground, the amount of stress the gloves are under, and playing surface. Each individual goalkeeper (or parent in many cases) has to find a balance based on their budget and needs.

2 – Purchase the Correct Size

This all comes down to personal preference! Again retailers will tell you what they want to sell! But YOU need to decide….If you make a very poor choice of size it can make it difficult to catch and not only can it affect your performance but also accelerates the wear and tear of the gloves. Fingers that are too big or small can put stress on the materials and the seams, causing premature wear or tears.

3 – Purchase a Glove based on your playing surface, conditions, and budget

Select your latex carefully and make sure it is suitable to the conditions you play in.

Soft professional grade latex palms that are used for “All Weather” or “Dry Weather” should be kept moist while playing.

A wet weather glove requires special care and pre-soaking before the match.

A glove designed for turf, hard ground or indoor should not be soaked with water since it will make the glove slick. A Super Soft sticky latex palm will show signs of wear or even start shedding during the first use on harsh indoor surfaces and hard surfaces. Remember what was said in point #1, the better the latex (usually the more expensive), the better the grip but the sacrifice is durability. Gloves with better durability sacrifice some amount of grip. All R Star gloves are built for different conditions, read descriptions and feel free to ask questions.

4 – Use Training Gloves to train in…..(it’s not Rocket Science!)

To assure your match gloves are in the best possible condition don’t practice in them…..OR if money grows on tress in YOUR backyard, then do! Purchasing a relatively inexpensive training glove that can take the stress of training and poor training fields is an important aspect of glove education. When your game gloves start to show extensive signs of wear, relegate them to the training field and purchase a new pair of R Star gloves! Most goalkeepers will have one pair for training and one pair for match play.

5 – Clean your gloves (like you clean your room……yeah right!)

Dirt acts as sandpaper and dries the soft, sticky, absorbent latex into a hard crusty surface, which can reduce the life of the latex. The toxins in your sweat also can dry out the glove over time. Rinsing the gloves after a game will help wash the spit, sweat, dirt, and blood away!

Cleaning Instructions

Wash your gloves with luke warm water (not hot). Be sure not to rub the palms together, only gently squeeze excess water out, if you are wringing the gloves out be careful, it can tear the seams and affect the shape of the gloves. Some goalkeepers like to use mild detergent (that is designed for sensitive latex), this can be used to help with the smell as well! Hang to dry, NEVER accelerate the washing (washing machine) or drying process. Using dryers, the sun, or dehumidifiers can take the natural moisture out of the gloves and cause them to be dry, brittle and deteriorate.

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